SPECFLIC 1.0 * Speculative Distributed Cinema

Public Launch October 28th, 2005
Pre-show 8pm, main event 9pm-midnight
Calit2 Courtyard, UCSD Campus

Set in 2030, SPECFLIC's story is not just told, but experienced.
Based on cutting edge science and engineering research, SPECFLIC 1.0 performs the social costs and benefits of accelerated progress.

What type of future do you envision? Come be part of the public launch of this ongoing performative media project!

Bring wireless devices (laptops & cell phones). In honor of Halloween, dress for 2030.

Directed by Adriene Jenik
Additional text by author Kim Stanley Robinson.
Featuring performances by Allison Janney, Ricardo Dominguez,
Richard Jenik, Lisa Brenneis and Nao Bustamante
Innovative public interaction modules by Neil McCurdy, Andrew Collins,
Robert Twomey, DoEat and Radioactive Radio.