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Zine (1991-93)
Co-Editrix (with Bryn Austin and Pamela Gregg)


SCREAMBOX was an LA dyke 'zine committed to experimentation, confrontation and titillation. Part of the early nineties queer 'zine cultural moment, SCREAMBOX had three rad issues before it became a victim of its own success. With contributions by Ingin Kim, Alice Hom, Laurel Beckman, Amy Bragdon, Catherine Opie, and others.

"Let's just say it's problematic..."

I do hope you'll send one of your underground mags to me....but can I, as your mother, ask you if it has to be "leud?" Do you have to have that in order to sell it? It was good to talk to you last night.

            Take care of yourself.

Dear Women,

Love your haute new queer rag. It's the best!
Wow! I'm really excited. Will write about y'all in my next issue of Fertile.

As a sexy dominant lesbian woman I'm sure I'd love to perform haute
cunnilingus on each and every one of your staff members. Yeah.

            sapphic love,

                  Vaginal Cream Davis

April 9, 1991

7985 Santa Monica Blvd., ste.109-51
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Dear Editrixes:

Thank you for forwarding the copy of your 'zine. We had it immediately transferred to microfiche for the benefit of generations to come.

Please keep us abreast on your publication.

With respect,

Beatrice Morgenfield
Chief Librarian, Acquistions

Library of Congress
3300 Massachusetts Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20001

"We put it on our coffee table!"

"I felt fine about my daughter questioning her sexuality... until I read your magazine!"