Language Lessons, 2008

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Interactive Public Projection event, 2008
Public Projection Event, commissioned by Biljana Ciric for “Intrude: Art & Life 366,”
A project of Zendai MoMA, Shanghai, CHINA


This project utilized a customized web app (made with programmer Andrew Collins) to present images of the soon to be demolished Chinese quarter of downtown Shanghai in a grid. Projected onto close by migrant housing trailers, the piece invited local inhabitants of the Chinese quarter to engage with students of Shanghai University Digital Arts College in an exercise in “naming” images on the grid. The project sought to trouble “language” and engage the natural cross-generational, and cross-cultural exchange of language as well as poetics and word/image play even as it served as a memorial to a fast-disappearing environment.

Intrude: Art + Life 366 was an ambitious interdisciplinary and cross-cultural public art event organized by the Zendai Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai, China. From January 1st to December 31st 2008, a cultural event took place everyday somewhere in the city of Shanghai. One cultural event a day, 366 events a year, Intrude: Art & Life 366 presented global perspectives on art and culture, and brought these closer to the people of the city, intervening in their daily lives by exposing them to exceptional cultural happenings.