Adriene Jenik Adriene Jenik
Adriene Jenik is a telecommunications media artist who has been working for over 12 years as a hybrid artist, educator, curator, and engineer. She is an Assistant Professor of Computer and Media Arts in the Visual Arts Department at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) where she teaches all levels of classes in the production, theory and history of electronic media. Her multipli-mediated productions include the short video "What's the Difference Between a Yam & a Sweet Potato?" the 'zine "ScreamBox," the live satellite broadcast "EL NAFTAZTECA: Cyber-Aztec-TV for 2000 A.D." (w/Guillermo Gomez-Pena), and the interactive CD-ROM road-movie "MAUVE DESERT."
Lisa Brenneis Lisa Brenneis
Lisa Brenneis' wide-ranging production credits in interactive digital media include everything from Nintendo games to museum exhibits. She has appeared in person as an instructor,lecturer or performer at the American Film Institute, Cal Arts, UCLA, Banff Center for the Arts, and the Digital Storytelling Conference, and as a small avatar in Desktop Theater performances around the globe. She is a cheerful skeptic. She dreams vividly and loves a parade.