Invisible Interludes I: Santaman's Harvest
premiered at Digital Arts & Culture '99 10/31/99

A modern day morality tale told in fragments. Santaman is Monsanto. The butterflies are dead. Is the palace fertile ground for the farmer's research?

Production Credits


Adriene Jenik
  Paul Lafolley
  Morris Hirshfield
  Arnold Hendrickson
  Victor joseph Gatto

Martin Ramirez

Additional graphics: Lisa Brenneis, Ingin Kim, Palacians
Written by:
Adriene Jenik, In collaboration with:
  Sue Gautsch Lisa Brenneis
  Steve Ausbury Leslie Sharpe
  Tania Kamal-Eldin Connie Samaras
  Andrea Slane Jonathon Delacour
  Elia Arce Edwin Veytia John Rouse
Performance Credits:  
Prof, Farmer:
Adriene Jenik
Santaman: Lisa Brenneis
Tree, Shortsighted: Sue Gautsch
Farmer 2: Steve Ausbury
Foreign Correspondant (Cleo): Tania Kamal-Eldin
DSX-2000: Connie Samaras
Amber, Cropatistas: Andrea Slane
Hubris Jonathon Delacour
Butterflies: Elia Arce (flutterbai)
  Edwin Veytia (Mr. Butterfly)
  John Rouse (JR)
Death: Shane Hope

Doubly-live Reprisals:
dLux Media Arts series FutureScreen '99 Nov.6 1999

Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA)
May 15, 2000