SPECFLIC 2.0, 2005-06

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Distributed Social Cinema (2005-06)
Commissioned by ZeroOne San Jose, premiered at ISEA2006


SPECFLIC was a creative research project (2003-2009) in a new storytelling form called Distributed Social Cinema. Usually, in a performance or cinema experience, the audience is admonished to turn off their cell phones and cease conversation. With SPECFLIC, I sought to integrate these gadgets (cell phones, laptops, mp3players, etc) with live tele-matic performance, pre-recorded media elements, street performers and the audience's own social activity to create a multi-modal story event.

Each iteration of the series was held in an iconic public space and was free and open to the public. SPECFLIC stories were set in 2030, and arose from research-based speculations about the near future of that particular public institution. Specflic 1.0 and all sub iterations (Specflic 1.9, etc) took as its subject the near future of the public library and the book.