Hobe Chobe, 1996-Present

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aka the Smokey Johnson Memorial Center for Research and Development
Informal residency at high desert studio compound (1996-present)


The Hobe Chobe is an ongoing informal artists residency hosted at my humble but glorious studio compound in the high desert of CA adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park. For 20 years I have been hosting residents, fostering creativity and openness to the elements. Over the decades, hundreds of artists of all kinds have come through for a week or months to develop new work or finish in-progress work or even just to de-compress. Following from my friend Smokey Johnson’s generosity and belief in the goodness of humankind, the only request to residents is to “leave the place better than how you found it.” Residents have included: Ruben Martinez (writer / scholar / performer), Sacred Naked Nature Girls (performance group), Jane Maru (batik artist), Kim and Clare Zitzow (visual artists), Marina Zurkow (digital artist), Tony Allard (experimental performance/drawing), Elia Arce (writer/director/performer), Vince Golveo (digital artist, drawing), Sarah Lewison (media artist and scholar), The Ocotillo Project (electronic artists), Femi Dawkins (poet and sculptor), Sara Takahashi (filmmaker), and many others.


5 acre site on the eastern edge of civilization
Studio & accommodations (earthdome, converted garage workspace, 1950s trailer)
Indoor plumbing
Outdoor bath and shower
Abundant & renewable energy resources
4.5 miles to Joshua Tree National Park
Lots of spots for pitching tents
Active campfire permit
Labyrinth (in progress)