56 Hours - NOT IN MY NAME, 2015

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Durational Performance (February 18-20, 2015)
Tempe, AZ, ASU Art Museum (live mix collaboration with E.S.P.TV)
Part of the series: Data Humanization Project
Creator, Performer
Performance, live stream
Part of the series: Data Humanization Project


Having read the recently declassified US Senate Torture report summary,I cannot unread it. * I am haunted by the knowledge of what has been and is being donein the name of protecting US citizens – like me. * For 56 hours (the lowest number of hours noted in CIA documents that captives were forcibly deprived of sleep), I will remain awake. During this time, I will perform a series of low level activities that call attention to, and move against the practice of torture; and celebrate those who turned away from the practice at risk to themselves. May this performance serve as a humble counter-pose.

56 hours - not in my name